What is Indian Classical Music? 🎢 + I CAN SING? PT 2!✨

Hiya!! I’m back after a long time!! I missed writing posts.. I had a lot of school work 😒 .So we have our exams coming up. 1 month to go, but still there is so much to learn! And then I have my music exam on 10th of October. To those of you who don’t know, I’ve been learning Indian Classical Music since 3.5 years, and I’m giving my 3rd exam!

My life’s been hectic seems electric.

-This is the best lyric that describes my life right now 😦

*realizes that’s not the point*


Her dance:- βœ”οΈ
Her vocals:- βœ”οΈ
Her rapping skills:- βœ”οΈ
Her visuals:- βœ”οΈ


Okay getting back to the post.. Yesterday I was practicing for my singing exam, and I ended up recording something! I’ve been a lot into western music lately, but I realized that the inner peace lies in Indian Classical Music ❀

You don’t know what Indian Classical Music is? Well… Here it is πŸ˜€


India, is a country of various music forms,
But Indian Classical Music has had the most reforms.

The origin of this dated back to the Vedic Age,
And well this resulted to an amazing musical stage!

The Rigved and Samved were the main contributors of this music style,
No wonder why Indian Classical Music is so versatile.

It paved it’s way coming from a long, long distance,
South Asia is the place from where it started it’s existance!

Hindustani Music and Carnatic Music are the two main types,
You may love both of them, depending upon your likes.

Hindustani Music originates from Northern India,
Whereas Carnatic Music is from the Southern parts of India.

The origin of these forms is really interesting,
I’m sure you’ll be amazed to know how, so let me start uncoiling.

In the Vedic Age, many sages used to chant some mantras,
This gave them enlightment, collectively called tantras.

Over time these mantras were sung in a musical way,
Voila! It was called Hindustani Music from that day!

All the common people used to sing on any special ocassion,
Mainly for god and goddesses, or for their own passion!

Over time this type of music gained recognition,
And it earned itself a lot of good reputation!

This music form was called Carnatic Music,
It isn’t as famous as Hindustani, but it holds a special place in my heart ❀

I learn Hindustani Music,
Which is a fusion of Arabic, Islamic and Indian cultures.

It is a combination of seven beautiful musical notes,
A specific number of frequencies, each one holds!

When these notes come together, they take you to some other world,
And slowly you’ll experience that the beauty of this world is unfurled.

A fusion of these notes, form a raga,
Which may represent various goddesses like Ma Durga.

This melodic piece of music is indeed very pleasant to our ears,
We get inner peace listening to it, and its as if the world just disappears!

Yes, I’m not joking! You forget your surroundings when you here this type of music,
It may not give vibes like western songs, but it’s truly really relaxing and refreshing.


I hope you understood what Classical Music is now!

I sang Raag [raga] Vrindavani Sarang, it’s a really really beautiful one!!

Some details about it-
Sa, and Pa are the main notes of this raaga,
It’s mostly sung in the early hours of morning,
The notes- Ga and Dha aren’t present in this raaga.

The instruments used in this recording were- tabla and tanpura [they may sound weird names to you but they are the main instruments in Indian Classical Music]

I hope you enjoy it <333

PS:- I had cold while recording so my voice may sound bad 😦

I may do a series of this now! I’ll upload many song covers so stay tuned ❀

Love you all!
Stay Safe! Byeeee

7 thoughts on “What is Indian Classical Music? 🎢 + I CAN SING? PT 2!✨

  1. Bestie is back with another post!! ❀
    Yes Lisa's solo is A M A J I N
    It really surprising and creative, how you could write such a beautiful poem on classical music! I loved it a lot!! ❀
    And your beautiful singing added to it was even more wonderful! I remember you singing this in class omg, our teacher loved it!!
    Ps- Could you give me lessons? On singing classical music? Please *puppy dog eyes*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. awww thank you bestie ❀ Lisa's solo is indeed amajin!
      Awww thanks! Glad you like it!
      Aww omg ilyyy tysmm your comments mean a lot to me *sobs*
      I remember singing it in class omg! And the assemblyyyyy!

      Awww I would love to!!
      Thank you for this comment! It made me day ❀ πŸ˜€

      Liked by 2 people

  2. OOOOOO Same even i am (probably) gonna give my Pravishika Poorna exam in Novemeber, What’s your fav raag? (Mine is Bhairav) Beautiful Poem!!! (i need to know the difference between carnatic and Hindustani music, ehe)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ouuuu All The Best! I’m giving my praveshika poorna too! [ig].. I have a lot of fav raags, but I looove vrindavani sarang, bhairav, tilak kamod. Aww thnx! Hindustani Music is like a mixed variety of Islamic, Asian and Indian Music, Carnatic Music is pure and isn’t like a mix of any other foreign music forms/


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