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Things I Do When Alone!

❀✿ !! Oscar Speech !! ❀✿

We’ve all done that! I love to make up a speech for winning the Oscar and it’s so fun! It gives me self confidence and motivation. I have the speech learnt by heart because I practice it everyday in front of the mirror though I know I’m not going to receive it.

🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕

❀✿ !! Pretend to be at a concert and perform !! ❀✿

The BEST PART! I dance like a weirdo and sing like a dying cat but IT’S SUPER RELAXING OKAY? I always imagine myself as an idol dancing/singing and the thousands and millions and billions of fans I have worldwide attending the concert 😌 🎶🎤

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2021- Lessons Learnt ❄️

Here comes the girl who’s definitely not posting this late

2021 has been a rollercoaster journey for all of us.. From offline to online, from paper to word document, from physical get-togethers to zoom or meet calls.. Everything has been really challenging. BUT. WE DID OUR BEST!! And that is what truly matters!

This year was filled with hardships, sacrifices, depression.. it snatched valuable people from our lives.. showed the importance of family.. and the need for saving money.

🎀 2021 Lessons 🎀

✧༺♥༻✧ Good things take time. What you are going through now is what makes you stronger tomorrow.

✧༺♥༻✧ Patience is the key! Learn to wait for things to go the right way. Life is a unique journey 🙂

✧༺♥༻✧ Learn to prioritize your health first. Health is Wealth

✧༺♥༻✧ Spend time with family and friends. Work can be done later ❤

✧༺♥༻✧ Hobbies are a must (without them my time during lockdown would have gone in vain)

✧༺♥༻✧ Adapt to the situation. Get used to the online world, this is our future! Take advantage of the many developments taking place.

✧༺♥༻✧ Nature is god’s gift. Enjoy its endless beauty whenever possible!

✧༺♥༻✧ Sit less, move more. Give your body exercise and let some sweat flow across the skin.

✧༺♥༻✧ Help people in need. Life is like a boomerang, what you give comes back to you.

✧༺♥༻✧ Be grateful for everything you have. Work hard for whatever you want.. There are people out there who are dying to get even simple privileges 😦


Christmas Jokes!

Ahoy there Artsies! Already in the Christmas mood? 😀 Enjoying the fun?! Yay then!! Here are some Christmas Jokes to add to it!

*Credits to original owner*

What reindeer game do reindeer play at sleepovers?

–> Truth or deer.

What do Santa’s elves learn in school?

–> The elf-abet.

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Christmas Poem! 🎅🎄🎁

The Christmas tree is shining bright with decorations, 🎄
Baubles, ornaments and lightings giving it a special effect,
Everyone’s so excited to have delicious food and open presents, 🎁
We’re all sitting together in one piece, everything feels so perfect! 🥺

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Those little chit chats while classes were going on,
Passing chits to your friends was a big mission,
Copying work from your friends notebooks,
Ohh and fighting to be first in the line, our beloved tradition!

Having secret meetings in the bathroom,
Sharing each other’s tiffins on Monday’s,
Keeping your notebooks at the last for checking,
Online classes are so unreal!

Sneaking to the assembly,
Quietly like undercover agents,
Giving dumb excuses for not cutting our nails,
Remembering those days make me cry so much. 🥺 ❤

Looking at the clock again and again,
For the class to get over as soon as possible.
Running across the corridors like we were being chased by dogs,
Ignoring the ‘SILENCE’ Sign sitting on the wall

Rushing to be the first in line to get lunch,
Accompanying our ‘slow eater friends’ finish it fast.
Then running to the sports room to get balls,
That is how all our study-stress passed. ❤

Dashing to the bus and finding a back seat,
Going up and down due to potholes was the best feeling ever,
Getting out of the bus, then heading home,
Marked the end of the fun.. leaving it behind was such an endeavor!

Do you want a part 2 to this? Do let me know!


Having A Bad Day? Pt.2!

Hello Artsies! I had a really really bad day :< These things really really made me feel better, and I’ll be sharing them here! I’ve done a part 1 to this, check it out here!

🎄✨ Figure out the problem! It can be anything- stress of studies, hectic schedule, not enough time to complete things, or you got a scolding from your mom 😂 . Write it down on a piece of paper, I prefer a diary though, I have one where I write all the things troubling me. The next thing you do is write whether you can control and change the situation, or it’s not in your hands. If you can change it write down some steps you can take to make the situation better and implement them! If it’s not in your hands, time will make it better!

🎄✨ Listen to songs! Music Is Life! The best medicine to our body during these times is some music! It can be Classical, Pop, anything as long as you’re enjoying it! No sooner will you start vibing to it and forget all your troubles!

🎄✨ Talking with friends/family! The ultimate key to lead a better life! I load down all my worries and things troubling me with them, trust me it feels so much better! Plus they give amazing advices, without which I would be stuck in the loophole forever.

🎄✨ Watching Favorite TV Shows! Who doesn’t like taking a break and watch something entertaining? Preferably the ones that put a smile on my face! I’m a lot into space, and series like ‘Lost In Space’ (on Netflix) make me want to study more and explore beyond the sky!

Yep that was it! Hope you have a great day!

Byeeeee tc ❤


Happy Birthday Aunt! <3

Hello Artsies! Today’s my aunt’s birthday!! I wrote a short poem for her, and she loved it! Here it goes~

A person I knew since childhood,
Always by my side no matter what,
From taking care of me to feeding me well,
You did everything! The best gift I got!

Since today is your day,
I wanted to let you know how special you are,
You are one of my sources of brightness,
If I am the moon, you are my star!

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Blog Revamp + Some Tips & Tricks! ✨

Hey there Artsies! [does it sound good? do let me know!]

As you can see I’ve revamped the whole blog! It was really hard- but in the end the efforts paid off!
Since I’m unstable in making decisions, I had a lot of trouble selecting themes 😶
I came across many of them which looked stunning! But I went with ‘ Toujours’ as I found it simple yet pretty.

Some tips whenever you revamp your blog~

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The meaning of life…

Credits to original owner~

A man died..

When he realised it, he saw god coming closer towards him with a suitcase in his hand

God: Alright son, it’s time to go.
Man: So soon? I had a lot of plans..

God: I am sorry.. but it’s time to go.
Man: What do you have in that suitcase?

God: Your belongings!

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If Google Bought Pizza Hut in 2022 | Welcome To The Future!

Originally A Whatsapp forward 😂 thought of sharing 😀

Ordering a Pizza in 2022

Is this Pizza Hut?

No sir, it’s Google Pizza.

I must have dialed a wrong number, sorry.

No sir, Google bought Pizza Hut last month.

OK. I would like to order a pizza.

Do you want your usual, sir?

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Company Matters ~Article

Not by me.. Credits to that respected person!

Sit for 10 mins before a housewife – you will feel life is too difficult.

Sit for 10 mins before a drunkard – you will feel life is very easy.

Sit for 10 mins before sadhus & sanyasis – you will feel like gifting away everything in charity.

Sit for 10 mins before a leader – you will feel all your studies are useless.

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Home Alone Ft. Ghosts and scary thoughts 👻- Poem

Remember those nights when you were alone at home, you were doing great but then suddenly… something…. goes…… wrong 😱

A Similar Experience…

”I’m locking all the doors so that you feel safe” said my mom,
”Don’t forget to turn off the washing machine” she reminded,
I was finally getting some freedom, some me-time,
Where I could just relax and chill, I was so excited!

It started of pretty well, pin drop silence everywhere,
No work, No homework, in all- the perfect evening,
The ideal time to experiment and try out various recipes!
Being home alone was the best thing- I started believing.

I had a karaoke party while dancing on the cushions,
Who would want to miss cooking alone on such an occasion ?!
Well- the first dish went flop, I slightly overcooked it,
But practice makes one perfect, is the ultimate equation.

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Having a bad day?

Hello people! Having a bad day? Feeling angry, sad, frustrated or mad that things went wrong or didn’t turn out the way you wanted? DON’T WORRY!! I have the all in one solution~

Some comics! Not any random ones btw~ the one’s that will cheer you up

They surely will!

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If I were a color- Poem

Colors are just weird-
Lot of pigments mixed together with oil or water,
Applied mercilessly on paper with some bundle of hair,
That scene seriously seems like paper slaughter!

I couldn’t help imagining of what would happen,
If I were a color, stuffed up with pigments,
Lying here and there in a huge house,
And oh no, would I have to deal with children’s endearments ?!

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Travel With Me! 🚗 + A Few Photos! 📸 + The Beauty Of Nature 🌿


I’m going to my hometown right now, and the journey so far has been amazing!! I managed to take a few pics 😅


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What Is ‘Disruptive Technology’?

A superb article.. Not written by me

When TV came to my house.
I forgot how to read books..

When the car came to my doorstep,
I forgot how to walk..

When I got the mobile in my hand,
I forgot how to write letters..

When computer came to my house,
I forgot spellings..

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Dashing Diwali ✨ 

Hey, It’s Diwali!
The festival of lights!
Celebrated all over India,
Such beautiful sights!

The energy emitted from diya’s,
High soaring lanterns in the night sky,
People all over the country bursting crackers,
And the mouth-watering smell of sweets passing by!

Ohh, what to say about this festival?
Thoroughly filled with celebration and joy,
Astonishing moments to cherish throughout,
So much to be happy for, so much to enjoy!

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What does a mother do?

NOT WRITTEN BY ME. Amazing Article:-


The officer at the Driving License counter asked the lady “What is your occupation?”

The woman seeking renewal of her license seemed to be puzzled. So the officer said “Ma’am, are you employed, have your own business or…..

The woman replied “Oh, yes!! I have a full-time occupation. I am a mother!”

Officer: “We don’t have ‘mother’ as an option for occupation. I will write it down as ‘Housewife’. That takes care of all questions.”

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Beauty Of Human Relations :D

Not written by me. A wonderful article!!

A bus full of passengers was traveling for a while, suddenly the weather changed and there was a huge downpour and lightning all around.

They could see that the lightning would appear to come towards the bus and then go elsewhere.

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Happiest Birthday To One Of The Best Person In The Blogosphere ~ SEP✨  Ft. Sid and Betty!

Yayyyy My first ever collab! It was so fun writing this <33

Today is a special day, the birthday,
Of the book-mazing, book lover SEP!
Who has dreams of becoming a guitarist
Motivates us and steps up to help!

Well it’s true that everyday is your birthday,
You cherish new memories each day, learn what’s wrong and right,
But today, you’re officially a year older and  bigger, a day to celebrate!
Now c’mon get going, there are so many candles to light!

We love your confidence, your enthusiasm for books,
Fun filled humor posts, and charisma, 
Your leadership qualities and chilled personality we adore,
Your crackhead and silly ways, but hey! Don’t worry, we love drama 😛

Listen people! It’s one of the most amazing blogger’s birthday!
A blog that is just marvelous and filled with interesting things,
There’s stuff you’ll never want to miss out on,
A beautiful place, where Sep has given imagination wings!

We’re grateful to have a talented person in the blogosphere,
You really set the Mood, a brilliant, shining star 
We can’t wait to see the things you do, I’m sure you shall achieve a lot (mom’s blessings para ZD) 
You’re the perfect version of you, and amazing the way you are. 

This was all Sep,
We hope you enjoyed, have a great year ahead!
Take care of yourself, we shall always support you
You’re never too old to be goofy, keep being your precious self! 


Happy Birthday SEP! We love you to the moon and back.. Enjoy this special dayyyy!! Cherish the beautiful memories… Happy B’day princess! 👑

Check out Sid’s and Betty’s blog too!


Did India Inspire The Creation Of Avengers?

*looks at sid after reading the title* *hopes she is happy*

Hey All! I got to know about this super duper interesting article, and I though about posting it!

Please Note- I haven’t written anything in this, credits to The Knowledge Tribe


Thor : Indra

Indra is the almighty Lord of Thunder and Storms (now you know where the stormbreaker came rom!). Both Indra and Thor are very important characters in their respective realms. The weapons of Lord Indra—from his Vajra to his bow, sure seem to have inspired some armoury.

Captain America : Rama

Rama has been the ultimate example of focus on duty, rights and responsibilities of an individual. He has always been a leader who stands for justice; someone who never lies and goes to great lengths to do no wrong.

Dr. Strange : Sahadeva

Sahadeva had great knowledge of the past, present and the future. Known as Brihaspati, he was the intelligent one. He was the one who saw the possibilities of the future and perhaps knew the one time when they could win.

Iron Man : Karna

Senior to the others in many ways, Karna was the original self-made hero born to wear and invoke the kawacha. Meant to make the ultimate sacrifice, always, he would place himself before others. When it came to rushing to the aid of a friend in distress, Karna would outbeat many. Iron Man truly bears that value even as he stood by a young Spider-Man in his homecoming, when in need.

Spider-Man : Abhimanyu

Enthusiastic, beaming with loads of energy, always ready and keen to explore new things—Abhimanyu was known for getting stuck at places where he gets into out of sheer excitement, just to prove a point—be it the chakravyuh or elsewhere. Perhaps the Titan and more were the chakravyuhs. Yours truly from the friendly neighbourhood.

Ant Man : Hanuman

Hanuman interestingly—among the many things he could do—was able to increase his size and grow at will. What is even more interesting is that research reflects his ability to have grown to 65 feet in height (a temple in India features him at that height) and our Ant Man also grows exactly to 65 feet. It sure is a coincidence.

Hulk : Bheema

The similarity between the two is right there: the incredible strength and that both are short-tempered. A perfect instance is when Bheema slayed a hundred Kaurava brothers single-handedly; and for Thanos’ army, the Avengers had Hulk!

Black Panther : Ghatotkacha

An important character from the past, the son of Bheema was known for his magical skills—his ability to fly at will and to take on anyone with no fear. He brought a tribe factor to the fore as did Black Panther. Their importance and future has never been questioned and it won’t be, in this context as well.

Infinity Gems : Krishna’s Gemstones

Lord Krishna given everything he does in his epic, did something special. He introduced the world to the importance of gemstones that control destiny—an idea that stood its ground and stood guard to Draupadi and the Pandavas. It is interesting that even the colours of the stones match with what Thanos needs, to trigger his snap(s).

Thanos : Duryodhana

Duryodhana is arguably the world’s first anti-hero. Like Thanos, he had his own view of the world and was clearly correct in his own eyes. Dig deep into history and you can find an interesting story believed to be from the student days of the Pandavas and Kauravas. Sage Dronacharya speaks of an army where half the food was for the warriors and the other half for the animals they used. While travelling in a forest, they could only get half of the required food. So, he asked his students on what they would do in such a situation. Yudhistira advocated rations for all, while Duryodhana suggested reducing the size of the army by half and sending the rest back. Indeed amazing that there was a discussion on ‘finite resources’ in an age gone by.

Captain Marvel : Durga

When most of your options run dry and you cry for help, Durga appears from nowhere to stand by you. From time immemorial, this warrior has been fearless and has subdued the mightiest. Her energy is unmatched and she is known for stating “I have nothing to prove to you”. Durga has many-a-time been the bridge between the old and the new (past and future). Welcome, Captain Marvel.


Those vows of never leaving you alone, Were they really true?

Based On William Shakespeare’s – ”Friends And Flatterers”

In today’s world of trust issues and betrayal,
Having a true friend is rare.
The one who is always loyal to you,
And the one who will never leave you in despair.

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The Dazzling Blogger Award #2

Thank you Lili for nominating me!


✔️Thank the person who nominated you for The Dazzling Blogger Award.
✔️Link back to the original blog post.
✔️Answer the seven questions that they asked on their blog post.
✔️Make up seven new questions.
✔️Nominate seven more people for The Dazzling Blogger Award, who you think exemplifies excellent blogging skills.

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What is Indian Classical Music? 🎶 + I CAN SING? PT 2!✨

Hiya!! I’m back after a long time!! I missed writing posts.. I had a lot of school work 😢 .So we have our exams coming up. 1 month to go, but still there is so much to learn! And then I have my music exam on 10th of October. To those of you who don’t know, I’ve been learning Indian Classical Music since 3.5 years, and I’m giving my 3rd exam!

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There Is A Metal That Can Remember It’s Shape!?

Metals do not usually return to their original shapes after they have been bent because of their rigid structure. But, what if I tell you there IS a metal called shape-memory alloy that can do this! Cool right? I wish I find that metal.

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Why Aren’t The Olympic Games Held Every Year?!

The Olympic season is going on and all of you might be super excited like me! But why are the games held only once in four years? It would have been a lot fun if they were held every year! We would have won many medals then. There’s no maths or science behind this thing, just a background story-

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The story behind the days of the week~

Hello Guyss!! I’m back with another post, and thank you for 10 followers! 😍Means a lot to me!
BTW, Sid and Sneha were the ones who helped me make this blog! Their blogs are ammmaazzing! Check them out! Sid’s Blog! Sneha’s Blog!

So getting back to the topic….

Ever wondered why there are only 7 days in a week? Why not 10 or 5 or 1!?

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