About Me!

I fell in love with books at a very young age. And painting is a thing I’m happy I got to know about! (oops that’s not how I start)

Hello! I’m Anisha, a girl who LOVES poetry, photography, baking, cooking, writing stories and drawing as well as painting.

Your girl loves reading late-night. Because accept it- books ARE addicting. And I suddenly get the inspo to finish the book around 11 at night. YEAH THAT’S ME!

I started this blog to reach out to as many people as I could, and to get inspiration! ❤️

I’m an introvert, but I can talk up to hours if I find someone who is similar to me :)😂

My image gallery is flooded with pictures and I will be sharing them through this blog! I’m not a pro at baking, or I’ll rather say I don’t make a mess while cooking like I used to make earlier :))

This blog contains crackhead stuff (and most of it doesn’t make sense)
But hey! Where would the world be without crazy people? 😛

I like listening to music! (duh who doesn’t)