Happy Teacher’s Day!

Some quotes I want to dedicate to all the people who taught me various things, especially my teachers’ ❀

To all the people and teachers’, who supported, guided, encouraged me, and showed me the beauty of life, the importance of education, the joy of learning, a big thank you to you! You have inspired me, to come out of my comfort zone, and have proven that there are no boundaries to creativity.


8 thoughts on “Happy Teacher’s Day!

    1. Thank you! Happy Teacher’s Day To Chaitali Ma’am too! I developed interest in Math because of her, she showed me the chemistry of numbers and the interesting relation between all math concepts, and made learning this subject a lot fun! πŸ˜€

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      1. Yesss she’s the best maths teacher to existtt
        Same even I developed interest in maths cuz of her
        Why don’t her classes go on forever T_T

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  1. Happy teacher’s day to all teacher’s around the world!!
    These quotes were beautiful to read, and very uplifting! ❀
    Love your unique post ideas <333

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