Home Alone Ft. Ghosts and scary thoughts πŸ‘»- Poem

Remember those nights when you were alone at home, you were doing great but then suddenly… something…. goes…… wrong 😱

A Similar Experience…

”I’m locking all the doors so that you feel safe” said my mom,
”Don’t forget to turn off the washing machine” she reminded,
I was finally getting some freedom, some me-time,
Where I could just relax and chill, I was so excited!

It started of pretty well, pin drop silence everywhere,
No work, No homework, in all- the perfect evening,
The ideal time to experiment and try out various recipes!
Being home alone was the best thing- I started believing.

I had a karaoke party while dancing on the cushions,
Who would want to miss cooking alone on such an occasion ?!
Well- the first dish went flop, I slightly overcooked it,
But practice makes one perfect, is the ultimate equation.

I was having a great time,
Everything was running smoothly,
Time was ticking by fast,
To round it off, I watched a movie.

I didn’t feel like watching comedy,
Science-fiction wasn’t my choice either,
Horror seemed the perfect genre,
The best thing to watch when at leisure.

Well, the movie was thrilling, though most of it didn’t make sense,
But… I never knew it would leave a heavy impact on me,
I grabbed many blankets, surrounding myself with protection.
And I decided to never watch a horror movie when home-alone.

This decision didn’t change the surroundings,
I saw shadows on the wall and heard voices whispering my name,
With the window slightly ajar [ which I had locked before ]
I knew for sure… things would not be the same.

I began getting glimpses of horrific things that could happen,
The neighboring baby’s wailing made the situation even more dreadful,
Negative thoughts started coming in my mind- Will I be alright?
Being alone with strange things around you was seriously stressful~

Suddenly there came this loud noise,
”Whurrrr Whurrr Whuuu” it went
My heart missed a beat, I felt the cold sweat on my forehead,
There was surely a ghost, I began to believe for 100 percent.

I regretted watching that movie,
Things were getting way more scary,
My phone battery died, I was too frightened to get the charger,
Ayyy that situation was so hairy.

The night of the full moon receded,
I saw blood-curling shadows on the wall,
The sound was intensifying at a very high rate,
It was as frightening as sleeping with Annabelle doll.

I prayed and prayed for the night to pass by,
But god seemed to ignore me, I was doomed,
I tried falling asleep, but my eyes wouldn’t listen,
”Suffering is certain this night” I presumed

Until something happened..
My mind began to tell me ”Aren’t you brave enough”?
”You have the courage to fight the evil, won’t you get up?”
I decided to get up and see what it was, but it was indeed tough.

I tiptoed till the kitchen, slowly and steadily,
My fingers went straight to the light switch
I saw the room light up- to my relief there was no one!
But then something happened that made me twitch.

”Whurrr Whurr Whooo” the sound intensified.
”Aaahhhhh” I shouted, I was about to cry!
I tried to relax and calm myself, well it didn’t help,
But then suddenly, something caught my eye

In the corner of the kitchen I saw something,
Something big and pink colored, vibrating very fast,
It was at the other end, which wasn’t brightly lit,
I walked towards it, steadily my fear passed.

Wait… I recognized that object at once!
It was our washing machine!
Whirring faster and faster every second.
It was on since one hour, I had left it unseen.

I forgot to turn it off,
Caused such a havoc over such a small thing,
Phew from that time I always kept a to-do list with me,
And I never ever watched a horror movie while home alone!

12 thoughts on “Home Alone Ft. Ghosts and scary thoughts πŸ‘»- Poem

  1. Omg in start I thought there’s a ghost but damn , it went light. It was a quite scary and good blog. Talking about that I remember my first home-alone. But mine was quite good, cause I was sleeping. But enjoyed reading.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I loved this poem Anisha! Ohh nooooo, I creeped out when you thought that there was a ghost! πŸ™Š Aha next time turn off your washing machine for medical purposes (Y’know, so you won’t get heart attacks!) You rock gurl!! πŸ€—β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’œ

    Liked by 1 person

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