2022 Resolutions! ❄️

Hello Artsies!

❄️ 2022 Resolutions ❄️

🌈 Sit Less, Move More
🌈 Keep My Room Clean 😛
🌈 Read More Books (80 is my target till the end of year!)
🌈 Get Good Grades { everyone’s resolution xD }
🌈 Get atleast 8 hours of sleep everyday
🌈 Don’t be shy to answer {I had to put this}
🌈 Spend more time with family, Work can be done later! ❤
🌈 Get up early {especially with offline school starting}
🌈 Don’t Skip Meals
🌈 Meditate Everyday
🌈 Check Mails Regularly
🌈 Start Bullet Journaling
🌈 Clean the closet more often T^T
🌈 Learn a new language
🌈 Workout Everyday
🌈 Don’t Procrastinate { I’m going to pin this poster on my wall saying ”Do It Now, Or Never” with that typical angry mom stare picture }

And Yeah! That was it!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your New Year resolutions in the comments! Until then, byeee tc ❤



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