Happy Birthday Aunt! <3

Hello Artsies! Today’s my aunt’s birthday!! I wrote a short poem for her, and she loved it! Here it goes~

A person I knew since childhood,
Always by my side no matter what,
From taking care of me to feeding me well,
You did everything! The best gift I got!

Since today is your day,
I wanted to let you know how special you are,
You are one of my sources of brightness,
If I am the moon, you are my star!

Today’s the day to enjoy,
To celebrate and leave behind all the mistakes,
To start a fresh new year with positivity,
To think different and achieve your dreams.

I still remember the delicious dishes,
Made with love and care for me,
The feeling of the food melting in my mouth.
Thanks to you I got to experience the beauty!

Your waist must have hurted,
Taking me on the shoulder every day,
I can’t remember a single day I didn’t spend without you,
A strong woman you portray!

Thank you for nurturing me well,
For making me a better girl,
Giving me the courage to face storms,
You are even more precious than a pearl.

That was it! Hope you liked it ❤

Byeee tc ❤

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Aunt! <3

  1. WOW ANI! I’m so impressed! This poem is penned down so beautifully, I just love love love it! Happy Birthday to your aunt! ❤ she definitely must've loved it!

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      1. My great grandma passed away a month ago, due to her age. She would have been 100 a week ago! I was very attached to her 😦
        I can relate to you, and such times are difficult… She will always be protecting you from above, don’t worry!

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