If I were a color- Poem

Colors are just weird-
Lot of pigments mixed together with oil or water,
Applied mercilessly on paper with some bundle of hair,
That scene seriously seems like paper slaughter!

I couldn’t help imagining of what would happen,
If I were a color, stuffed up with pigments,
Lying here and there in a huge house,
And oh no, would I have to deal with children’s endearments ?!

I would be really dear to children,
I am what accompanies them in their childhood,
They are really dear to me, lovely and innocent,
But the thing that annoys me is that bundle of hair tied to dried wood.

My worst enemy is that so called brush-
It tickles me when it comes inside my body,
Goes round and round until it consumes me,
Eeks such a horrible experience, nobody would want to embody.

Then comes that famous palette,
Eager to consume me in some sort of puddle,
I’m mixed heartlessly here and there in a depression,
Then comes the brush again, to cuddle.

I somehow deal with this every time,
But the thing that annoys me is water,
Yep, mixed with me even if I have enough of it,
It feels like drowning- like the Strait Of Gibraltar

Sigh, I deal with a lot of brutality,
May it be the palette, brush, water or paper,
Sometimes children throw me here and there all around
But thank god I don’t need to deal with that scraper.

Some people care for me, keep me well and tidy,
They know what’s wrong and right for me,
They respect me, and treat me well,
Oh and the masterpieces they create with me, are a treat to the eyes!

But some people don’t respect my fellow friend colors,
They say my friends are of inferior quality,
Just because their pigments might not have binded well,
Doesn’t mean that you treat them incorrectly!

A true artist can do wonders with poor supplies,
Talent is what matters than the things you own,
After all, art is the potential inside artists’ yearning to paint,
But this theory isn’t that popular, to many people it’s unknown.

I feel sad and mad at that same time,
When I see my friends suffer like this,
Not treated well- thrown away without using them,
People need to stop this, it’s amiss.

Phewww a long one! I had a lot to say, and I surely will do a series of this!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Byeee tc! ❤

11 thoughts on “If I were a color- Poem

  1. Lovely poem Anisha !!! This might be the best one till now 😍. I loved the way you could express thoughts of a colour and it turned out amazingly !! You can send this poem for the school magazine too it’s really good!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aww tysm!! I agree!!
      I had many many more thoughts about this topic, and I’ll do a series too!
      Yess I surely will! You’re comments are really helpful and uplifting, thank you! ❤

      Liked by 2 people

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