Happiest Birthday To One Of The Best Person In The Blogosphere ~ SEP✨  Ft. Sid and Betty!

Yayyyy My first ever collab! It was so fun writing this <33

Today is a special day, the birthday,
Of the book-mazing, book lover SEP!
Who has dreams of becoming a guitarist
Motivates us and steps up to help!

Well it’s true that everyday is your birthday,
You cherish new memories each day, learn what’s wrong and right,
But today, you’re officially a year older and  bigger, a day to celebrate!
Now c’mon get going, there are so many candles to light!

We love your confidence, your enthusiasm for books,
Fun filled humor posts, and charisma, 
Your leadership qualities and chilled personality we adore,
Your crackhead and silly ways, but hey! Don’t worry, we love drama 😛

Listen people! It’s one of the most amazing blogger’s birthday!
A blog that is just marvelous and filled with interesting things,
There’s stuff you’ll never want to miss out on,
A beautiful place, where Sep has given imagination wings!

We’re grateful to have a talented person in the blogosphere,
You really set the Mood, a brilliant, shining star 
We can’t wait to see the things you do, I’m sure you shall achieve a lot (mom’s blessings para ZD) 
You’re the perfect version of you, and amazing the way you are. 

This was all Sep,
We hope you enjoyed, have a great year ahead!
Take care of yourself, we shall always support you
You’re never too old to be goofy, keep being your precious self! 


Happy Birthday SEP! We love you to the moon and back.. Enjoy this special dayyyy!! Cherish the beautiful memories… Happy B’day princess! 👑

Check out Sid’s and Betty’s blog too!

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