My Dream Came True? – Short Story

I boarded my plane and realized something was fishy. All the people in the plane were dressed weirdly. They wore big and long cloaks, and were laughing on me. Was there something wrong? Was there anything on my face? I took out my phone and checked. I was perfectly fine! I tried to ignore the laughs and sat besides a bushy haired girl, with a ginger colored cat on her lap. She bore similar resemblance to Hermione; my favorite character in the Harry Potter series! Well, I read the previous day that there are 7 people who look exactly like you. You might be thinking- Am I gone mad? Of course I’m not! Though this is a fictional story, I do believe in it. I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts acceptance letter.

Getting back, I thought that might be Hermione, but that little voice in my head was not accepting this thought. She might have dressed like that to surprise someone? I cleared all the thoughts from my mind, and enjoyed the breathtaking view. BOOM! There I went. I saw a boy who looked just like Harry [he did have a scar on his forehead, and his glasses were clearly broken!] There I saw him having a duel with- DRACO! There was no mistake! In the corner I saw Ron sitting with Lavender, and when I looked in front, I saw Neville Longbottom asking me if I had seen his frog. And there was Tonks, teaching Ginny how to change hair color at will! I was surely not mistaken.

I had boarded none other than the ”New Hogwarts Air-Travel” My Dream Came True! I didn’t miss taking selfies with anyone [except Draco of course, he H-A-T-E-S muggles] and I was having such a good time when things started going down hill. Guess What? Voldemort and the Death Eaters hijacked the plane 😱 . Draco shouted- ”Here she is master! The muggle born I told you about, she’s infecting this plane yuck”. Aaaaand things became clear. Voldemort had come to take me, just because I was a muggle [don’t call yourself a Harry Potter fan if you don’t know that Voldemort hated muggles] I was terrified after seeing him; after all he looks so different in real life than in movies. I was even more horror struck by the fact that he had come to take me! I screamed and yelled and what not. At that exact moment my mother woke me up and asked me if I had a bad dream. πŸ₯²

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