Those vows of never leaving you alone, Were they really true?

Based On William Shakespeare’s – ”Friends And Flatterers”

In today’s world of trust issues and betrayal,
Having a true friend is rare.
The one who is always loyal to you,
And the one who will never leave you in despair.

They will protect you like a barrier,
Celebrate with you in your happy times,
Cry with you in your sad times,
Moreover, never vanish when darkness confines.

True friends don’t leave you,
When you feel it’s the end of the world,
Instead they’ll cheer you up,
And the infinite beauty of this strong friendship soon unfurls.

They don’t care whether your famous or not,
Or whether you are financially stable or poor,
Your background doesn’t change their perspective,
Because for them, you will always be grandeur.

Well, but people might make a mistake,
In identifying if a person is really their friend,
Because some flatterers love to pretend as if they are one,
Making it a huge worldwide trend.

Like true friends, they will laugh in your happy times,
But when you’re sad or are surrounded by darkness,
They will leave you all alone instead of comforting you,
They are really horrible people, selfish and heartless.

Honestly, they are like shadows.
Big and wholesome, following you in your brightness,
But when it comes to your rough times, What do they do?
Backstab you and leave you in utter darkness.

Don’t let these kind of people ruin your life,
They’re just using you in many ways, they’re people without humanity,
Would there be any harm, if they don’t put on a coat of sweet melodies?
And stop pretending as if they really wish for our welfare, because that isn’t the reality.

The world needs more of true people,
Who never ever leave you,
Promise to me, you will be by my side,
And never leave me in the blue.

A flatterer and a shadow only attend while the sun shines on you

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