Today’s Sad Reality ๐Ÿ’” + Happy Independence Day โค๏ธ !!

Heyy Guyss!! First of all, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! yaaaaayyy!!

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Hope y’all are having a great time, and enjoying the celebrations โค

I came across a really really beautiful article, so thought of sharing!!
Some things might be offensive, so pls forgive me ๐Ÿ™‚

Here it comes!

Lot’s of big houses
But small family

There is more education
But less common sense

Highly advanced medicines
But poor health

Touched moon
But neighbor’s unknown

High income
But less peace of mind

High IQ
But less emotions

Good knowledge
But less wisdom

Costly watches
But no time

And finally….

Lot’s of human beings
But less humanity

People running to a phone screen concept illustration Free Vector - Nohat -  Free for designer
You can see today’s mentallity

When a person dies
They are more interested in sharing the event of accident on social media
Which is a very painful reality to accept

Animals are not harmful for our health
But humans have been exploiting nature

We are only adding pollution to Earth…

Some unlucky old parents only get attention from their family after their death

The internet has now become more important than water

Youtubers are more successful
Than the university graduates

A mother can take care of 2 children
But those 2 children can’t even take care of 1 mother

While people are wasting food just because it doesn’t taste good
But on the other side, someone is praying for some food!

This independence day, Let’s make a change!!

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