An Event That Changed Me- Poem

Heyy Guys! Long time since I didn’t post cuz I’ve been rlly occupied with projects and homework and more projects. I’ll try to post more often tho!

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Moving on, I wrote a poem on a TRUE event that changed my life, Hope you enjoy it ❤

It was a fine sunny day when I heard someone shout,
To see who it was, I went out.

It turned out to be my friends calling me out to play,
Well it was a quite good day, how could I stay!?

I went to the garage to get my shoes,
They were quite old but beautifully painted in pink hues!

Things didn’t go as planned and I found them in really bad condition,
I lost my favorite shoes, what could be worse than losing a prized possession! 

My neighbor’s dog always had a big grudge against me,
It was him who tore the shoes when his owner went on a shopping spree!

The bad part was it was my lucky pair,
I sat there, filled with despair.

Well this incident is getting too dramatic I see,
To lighten it up, let me tell you something that will make you smile with glee.

On the bright side my parents decided to get me a new pair of shoes,
I was overjoyed by this news, afterall, I get to choose!

There were a variety of shoes each unique and different in their own way,
Some were sparkly, some were glossy, wow there were so many I must say!

I spotted a pair painted with beautiful shades of red,
But my mom suggested buying the blue ones instead:(

Honestly, blue wasn’t my colour so I put them aside, [sorry mom]
I loved a pair, but looking at the price tag I had to leave them behind. T_T

It was a hard task, going shelf to shelf in search of the best one,
It was quite irritating but fun!

Black isn’t my colour, so I ditched that pair,
A girl took the one I liked, life sometimes isn’t fair:(

Lying on a shelf was a pair, filled full of pink,
Hmmm, this is perfect for me, I began to think.

My parents agreed and we bought the pair I liked,
It was glossy, bright and white striped.

It was the best day ever, filled full of joy,
Until I saw something that erased all the happiness.

A handicapped boy, around the same age as me,
Was feeding his small sister and smiling with glee.

His feet were all scraped and hurt,
It seemed he hadn’t worn shoes, they were covered with dirt,

I looked at his feet and then at mine,
Well his were all hurt and dirty, but mine, mine were totally fine!

He had no shoes to wear or enough food to eat,
Still, he was happy, despite living on the street:(

Give them a blanket to cover, some food to eat,
A comfy bed to sleep on and some clothes and socks to cover their feet.

They won’t ask for anything more,
Because they aren’t greedy like us, and are happy with whatever they have!

I thought for a moment and got to know the reality,
That life isn’t just about death or mortality.

It’s about living the present time to our fullest,
Whether you are the unpopular one or the coolest.

Life gives you one chance to live so just enjoy it!
It is a really valuable thing just like a gift.

Don’t dwell on the things that you don’t have or won’t get,
Be happy in the ones you have, there is more to come!

Thank you for reading!
I hope you liked it and IT IS based on a true incident.

Thank youu! <33333

Enjoy every moment you ha... | Quotes & Writings by Leela Bhaskar Balla |  YourQuote

14 thoughts on “An Event That Changed Me- Poem

  1. Omgeee I loved this poem! True, ppl living on the streets deal with whatever they can and are happy with the small things… we are fortunate 🙂 😦
    Yes everyone, Pls pls like and comment on lili’s posts on storymirror! ! Her winning would mean the happiest thing to us~

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow!!!!!! This is SO GOOD! I’ve literally read it soo many times! It gives us a wonderful morel! Keep writing! I’ll be waiting for your next poems!!!


  3. This poem is just so good! Loved how you capture emotions in your writing. Every line in this poem is important and meaningful. I liked it so much!!
    My favourite lines are :
    Life gives you one chance to live so just enjoy it!
    It is a really valuable thing just like a gift.

    Loved this poem!!

    Liked by 1 person

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