Why Aren’t The Olympic Games Held Every Year?!

The Olympic season is going on and all of you might be super excited like me! But why are the games held only once in four years? It would have been a lot fun if they were held every year! We would have won many medals then. There’s no maths or science behind this thing, just a background story-

The Olympics began in the ancient times. According to one legend, they were started by the Greek hero Hercules when he and his three brothers ran a race! To honour their hero, the Greeks decided to hold more contests. Since there were four brothers in total, they held the events once every four years! One year for each brother.

The Modern Olympics
The Roman Emperor Theodosius I stopped the Olympics in 393 AD, after Greece came under the control of Rome. The games were not held again until 1896, after Baron Pierre de Coubertin [long name ikr] of France promoted them as a way for nations to get to know one another better. Since then, the games have been held every four years, except during the two world wars.

FACT! Winter games were added in 1924.

Olympics every two years

At first, the summer and winter Olympics were held in the same year. Beginning in 1994, they took place alternately every two years. The red boxes in the following chart show the years of summer and winter Olympics.

Sydney 2000 Summer Olympic Games Official Poster Reprint - Olympic Museum | Olympic  games, Summer olympics, Multi-sport event

This was the official poster for the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia

Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Games Official Poster Reproduction - Olympic  Museum | Winter olympic games, 2002 winter olympics, Olympic games

Official poster of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake USA.

Facts! The Olympics were a major Panhellenic event. The earliest games had only running events; other events were later added on. Over time, the games declined due to corruption arising from regional efforts to influence the games. The Roman emperor Theodius I abolished them and there were no games for 1,500 years! Imagine life without Olympics! The Olympics were resurrected thanks to Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who was not an athlete but a brilliant scholar and educator.

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